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Pack your camera – celestial events happen!

I had just checked out of our hotel in Kearney, NE and were loading our suitcases into the car when a nice, large moon suddenly came into view.   Not only was it huge, it also happened to display a beautiful shadow across a portion of its brightly lit face.  Out came the camera from the suitcase, and the enclosed picture became a part of the permanent memory of the trip.
The pic isn’t stunning or re-print worthy.  The craters aren’t visible.  Millions of lunar surface photos exist all over the Internet.  The photo is special to me because it will forever remind me of a moment in time, when I saw a beautiful celestial event underway, completely by accident.
So, as you’re packing the charging cables, the clothes and the GPS, throw in your camera also… (and a tripod if you can!)


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  1. Andy Stoll

    Kearney, Nebraska: Amazing lunar events, no 3g Wifi. Heaven on earth? Glad to be part of the journey Tej!

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