Is it fear or failure when you fold 'em

The startup world is full of advice surrounding how and what to do for startup success. Though failure is often embraced and supported, the fear of failure or the outcome of failure actions is not often reported. As a regular subscriber to The Moth Podcast, I came across a story by Annie Duke that may be especially poignant in this area.
Moth is a podcast of a live storytelling event. The events feature real life stories by real people, told candidly in a 10-minute stand-up format. Stories are as varied as the people who tell them. I would suggest subscribing for some free, though-provoking, and amazing stories. Warning – some will make you laugh hysterically, think deeply, and even cry.
Though neither a startup, nor a founder of a tech company, Annie is simply an accomplished Poker player. Playing her hands and listening to her gut, in the spirit of Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink, she plays a game of her lifetime.  I won’t give the story away, except remind you of Kenny Rogers and The GamblerThe lessons of failure, fear, victory, and discipline are clearly peppered throughout this story.  Of course, in the testosterone filled world of gambling, a bit of sexist commentary rears itself as well.
Here is a link to the story and the podcast on iTunes.

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